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Anchor CrossFit

What is CrossFit? 

The definition of CrossFit is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness program by performing constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. 

But what does that mean?  What is CrossFit to you? 

Every day at Anchor we tackle the same WODs as our fellow Anchor Athletes.  Our WOD’s come from the same programming theory as the professional CrossFit athletes.  That’s right.  We are doing the same workouts as Rich Froning, Chris Spealler, Matt Chan, Kristen Clever and Annie Thorisdottir!  These athletes perform multiple workouts per day and are attempting to position themselves at the top of CrossFit.  These are CrossFit’s top fulltime competitors.  Their focus is to be the best in the sport and fittest on earth. 

Although it’s fun to watch and idolize these amazing athletes, we shouldn’t compare our performance to their performance.  Similarly, we shouldn’t compare ourselves on the golf course to Tiger Woods, on the basketball court to Kobe Bryant or on the ski slopes to Lindsey Vonn.  In fact, we need not worry about anyone’s time or anyone’s strength, but our own. 

At Anchor we celebrate a fit community, reaching personal goals, sharing ideas, eating healthy and doing things we never thought we could do.  Our focus is to get a little better each day, to work hard on the things that need improvement and to work even harder on the things that need a lot of improvement.  We revel in each success. 

Our successes are having a fit community, helping an everyday athlete compete in their first 5k, helping someone lose significant weight and totally change their life, getting fit enough to compete in a triathlon,  improving strength and endurance allowing you to better enjoy your children, and most of all each of us feeling better overall. 

That is CrossFit.


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