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April 21st – The Bear is Back

Strength EMOM- One thruster per minute, progressively heavier for 8 minutes: Use first two minutes as warmup weight and then add weight each minute if able.

WOD – 5 Reps For Max Weight

Work with 2-3 people, resting as each other goes. 25 Min to find max. Score is max weight used for 5 successfully unbroken reps. Make sure to take adequate rest between attempts.

1 Rep = the following:

1 Power Clean

1 Front Squat

1 Push Press

1 Back squat

1 Push Press

***Rest with bar on back. Legit bear complexes require a touch and go at the bottom, not pausing to regrip or wipe your nose. You may blend movements such as using a squat clean and thrusters as long as you come to complete lockout at the top of all of your presses and hip crease below parallel on squats. What is not allowed is rebending of the knees on the presses as you would with a push jerk or split jerk.


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