Craig Eisman


CrossFit Level One Certified
USAW Olympic Weightlifting Certified
ACE Personal Trainer Certified
ISSA Level Two Master Personal Trainer Certified

I am originally from Connecticut, having moved to Colorado in 1994. I have a wonderful family, my wife Elisa and two daughters Graciela and Emilie. I have always been consumed by sports and fitness since as long as I can recall, never content with what any single sport or discipline had to offer, always striving for “something more”. I was a three sport athlete in high school and used summers to train in any other areas “outside of the box” that I could, such as mountain biking, karate, rock climbing etc. I became a successful marathon runner for quite a few years and then decided to do a complete 180 and become a powerlifter. I spent a few years at it and eventually won a couple of big competitions with the NASA Powerlifting organization. Since getting into CrossFit I have made it to the CrossFit Games twice, and am determined to make it a 3peat in 2017.

It was the summer of 2013 that I gave CrossFit a try and found it to be hands down the most complete and comprehensive training program I had ever encountered, I was immediately obsessed with becoming as good as I could. When I say “outside of the box”, I think that describes CrossFit very well. Everything is fair game. It doesn’t consist of just working out inside a gym, everything from running to swimming to flipping tires is included in the CrossFit arena and each has a carryover effect into making us all better athletes.

My training philosophy is to give it 100%. Work on all of our skills, especially weaknesses, and realize that mental toughness is more than half the battle. If we have the will and believe in ourselves, then the sky is the limit.