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Double Unders – Practice Makes Perfect

We all struggle with double unders.  The best thing to do is practice practice practice.  Here are some helpful tips and a great instruction video from Chris Spealler from CrossFit Park City.  Please ask if you have questions or need help!

  • Rope lenth is important.  Find a rope that fits from the ground to about just below the armpit area.
  • Hands on side of body about hip height and slightly in front – TIGHT to the body
  • Rope speed comes from the wrist not the shoulders.  Hold the hands in tight and flick the wrist.  Too much shoulder is inefficient
  • Jump only slightly higher than single jumps
  • Like deadlifts or heavy squats, pick a focal point out in front of your jumping location and key on the focal point
  • Stay tight, midline tight, focus on stability

Here is a great tutorial from Chris Spealler.  This guy can do double unders in his sleep:

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