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February 23rd- Easy Does It

General Warm-up : Coach’s Choice


WOD For Time

For those entered in the Open and going hard on the Open workout on Friday, follow guidelines in double parenthesis. This is more of an exercise cycle than a WOD.

For those that aren’t, this is a WOD for time

1500m Row ((Pace per 500 should be around your fastest 500m pace + 1 minute per 500m))

30 Thrusters (95/65) ((45/35 or DB’s @ no more than half of the Open weight for your division))


10 TTB

5 Pullups ((Pullups, C2B or any type of MU, go with the hardest type you can do with good form))

(Time Cap 15 Min)

***Classes with more people than rowers, those doing WOD for time go first***


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