Jacob Scott


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit, I love it! My CrossFit quest started not too long ago. I played most all sports including football, soccer, baseball and wrestling.  Wrestling was by far my favorite however.  After wrestling for 12 years I gained a true appreciation for individual results.  Winning or losing was squarely on you as an individual.  If you didn’t put the work in you didn’t get the results.  In part this is why I love CrossFit so much.  It is you against you and you against the clock.  The bonus however, is that there is also an environment of competitive camaraderie created within the group style classes. Once I found CrossFit I was immediately HOOKED. I love that everyone is equal in the gym and that you are pushed based on your relative fitness level. I am extremely passionate about CrossFit and helping others reach and exceed their goals.