Jeremy Shedeed


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification
  • ISSA Personal Training Certified

I am married with 3 beautiful daughters!  I grew up in Nebraska, spent some time in Arizona and now have been in Colorado for 7 years (we love it here).  I have been in a competitive sport as long as I can remember including football, basketball, wrestling, track and baseball.  I was fortunate enough to experience playing football at the collegiate level for 5 years.

I worked out in your traditional gym for the last 17 years before being introduced to CrossFit.  I was in the gym building muscle but I realized I was looking for more; I wanted to be more FIT.  I had heard about CrossFit and after some research decided this would be a great change in my life.  After one workout at Anchor CrossFit, I was hooked.  I realized there is much more to fitness than bench press and bicep curls.  CrossFit not only provided me with a great workout, but it brought back my competitive nature and introduced me to a close fitness community.  After joining Anchor CrossFit I have noticed how much better my body feels and how much better it feels to be a “well rounded athlete”.

It did not take long for me to realize I wanted to coach and help others become accustomed to what CrossFit had to offer.  I became level 1 certified in 2012 so I can continue working with other athletes and help them reach their fitness goals.