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March 14th – Bar Cycling

Strength Strict press 2 x 5, Push Press 2 x 5, Split jerk 3 x 2: 65-75% 1RM on strict and push presses. Split jerks begin with weight of last push presses, increasing weight according to feel. Perform first split jerk, come to finish position and lower bar to front rack under control. Perform second split jerk really concentrating on speed.  Once again lower to front rack (not drop) and rack bar.


10 Push presses/push jerks (115/75)*

10 C2B (mod pull ups-ring rows)

40 DU’s (2-1 singles)

*Rounds 1 & 3 Push presses, Rounds 2 & 4 Push jerks

(Time Cap 15 min)


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