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Mental Toughness… part 1

What is your CrossFit story?  How did you get started?  How did you feel before, during and after your first WOD?  How do you feel now?  Can you imagine NOT doing CrossFit?

Here is a recent article from CrossFit Community.  Perhaps a similar story to yours?


“I was afraid to go to the movies … I was afraid to go on airplanes. I was afraid to talk to people, because I was so overweight,” says Cobalt Blue of Defiant CrossFit.

Since starting CrossFit in August of 2010 Cobalt has lost 117 lbs., and his life has changed forever.

“I remember Cobalt coming in – August of 2010 – and he had struggled to get from his car into the gym.” – Delanie Weigand, Defiant CrossFit

At a party to celebrate his transformation, Defiant CrossFit used sandbags to demonstrate how much weight Cobalt had lost, and a five-foot tape measure to show how much size he had lost.


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