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MMMM… snacks!

So you’ve cleaned out the pantry, planned your meals, done your shopping… now what?  Paleo takes focus and discipline.  You’ll quickly notice that the days of 3 solid meals are over.  Your body will use the new awesome food quickly and you’ll be ready to eat again in about an hour or so 🙂

Here are some great ideas for “snacks” in between:

–  Ground turkey made into small patties (about 8-9 patties per 1lb of ground turkey).  Pour about 1 tbs cumin, 1 tbs, paprika, 1 tbs chili powder, dash sea salt and some pepper and mix into the ground turkey.  Make your patties and fry for 3 mins per side in a couple of tbs coconut oil.  YUMMY!

–  Broccoli.  Remember Bubba in the movie Forest Gump and his shrimp recipes?  Same thing only think broccoli instead of shrimp.  Raw broccoli, steamed broccoli, roasted broccoli, broccoli fried in coconut oil, broccoli kabobs, broccoli soup… you get the idea!  Get creative.  The best is broccoli dipped in almond butter!  Raw almond butter from Sunflower or the new King Soopers at 104th/Chambers have raw almonds that you grind yourself into fresh almond butter.  BTW… almond butter will be your new best friend.

–  Berries are great with coconut milk.  Unsweetened So Delicious Coconut milk from King Soopers or Sunflower.

–  Hard boiled eggs.

–  Spinach.

–  Avocados.

Please feel free to reply with your favorite Paleo snack!!


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