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Motivation… BE BETTER

This is courtesy of CrossFit Glenwood Springs… enjoy.

So many of us go through life being average. We have an average car, an average size family, an average income, and an average level of happiness. Since when is living a C+ lifestyle acceptable? What if you decided that being average isn’t good enough? I challenge you today, and everyday moving forward to live with the unquenchable desire to be better. Be a better husband, be a better wife, a better daughter, a better business partner, a better waitress, a better ________. No one is perfect, but so many of us are content being good enough. I am telling you now, that your good enough, is NOT good enough. There is someone in your life who needs you to be better than what you are right now. I bet that if for the next 30 days, throughout the day you ask yourself the simple question, “How is this making me a better_________” you will find yourself on Facebook less, and talking to your loved ones more. You will find yourself staying the extra 5 minutes at work, instead of ducking out early to have a beer. You will find yourself setting your work emails aside, and playing catch with your son. I bet that when people in your life, see you making an effort to be better, they too will strive to be better. Start the revolution. Do not settle, do not be content being average; be better.

Be great!!


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