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NINJA! You must get one!!

Ok, so this post is a little different than the usual. The Ninja kitchen system is AWESOME! By far one of the best purchases we’ve made for our kitchen in a long time. Especially for the price. Coscto has this same model for around $120.

For paleo cooking and preparation the food processor is mandatory. This baby grinds up almonds and pecans like they’re nothing! Grind up cauliflower for mashed cauliflower…nothing to it. In fact, the mashed cauliflower is SO creamy and delicious. Dates and dried apricots… yep the Ninja man handles them. Smoothies, butternut squash, you name it.

The system from Costco has two pitchers one 72oz and one 40oz with locking lids, whip blade for the 72oz, 6-blade and 4-blade attachment, dough blade and dough paddle and dough base.

I bet the Ninja would grind up a tree stump and make mulch if you tried.

Happy Shopping!

PS.  This product really is this bad ass.  We are not affiliated with the Ninja manufacture and have not been compensated for this endorsement.


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