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November 6th – Tossed Salad

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Strength- Pull, hang snatch + snatch: From floor perform first and second pull of the snatch, return to hang and perform hang snatch, bring bar to floor and perform touch and go into full snatch.  All snatches are full (squat) snatches if you have them; power snatch + OHS is ok too if you are just learning. 6 rounds, first 3 rounds E90Sec and last 3 rounds E2Min. Increase wt. according to feel.



12 squat snatches (95/65)

Remainder Ring Muscle ups/ Bar mu/ pull ups

2 Min Rest

20 Burpees

Remainder Du’s/ singles

2 Min Rest

25 KB goblet squats (24/16)

Remainder KB swings

2 Min Rest

Rowing max calories

***4 separate scores consisting of max reps during “remainder” portion on first 3 AMRAPS and then max calories at the end.  Stagger start by 3 minutes, RX should perform AMRAPS in order listed***


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