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Nutrition Challenge is Here – Sign Up at Anchor!

Prepare to change your lives forever.  We are excited to see the health transformations that are about to take place in each of you!  The challenge will not officially begin until Monday, March 4th so this week should be our opportunity to mentally prepare and organize our approach. Throughout the challenge please pose any questions you have to everyone as it is likely others may have the same question. Also, we want to encourage you all to share any struggles or victories with everyone so we can all provide support and collectively celebrate any achievements.

Our goal is simple.  1.  Make you more nutrition conscious and improve your overall nutrition foundation and 2. Improve your cardio and workout capacity by providing the tools, support, information and encouragement necessary to live a more nutritious lifestyle.

Challenge Start Date:  Monday, March 4th 2013 / Challenge End Date:  7 weeks – Friday, April 19th 2013

Cost:  $10.00.  Prizes will be awarded at end of challenge!

Summary of challenge:

This is a nutrition challenge.  The foundation of our challenge will be supported by Paleo.  However, we will layout in specific detail what is acceptable and not acceptable for our challenge.

  • The challenge will last for 7 weeks.
  • Each participant will be grouped at random with other members to have teams of 3 to 4 athletes.
  • Each day we will log what we consume for food, drink, how much we sleep and our workout activity.  Once per week the food logs must be reviewed by your peers for support.
  • There will be a pre and post WOD to measure gained cardio capacity.
  • Each week, based on the metrics set for food, drink, water and sleep points will be awarded.
  • Extra credit points will be offered each week for additional work to be completed as a group.
  • Points must be submitted each Friday for 7 weeks.
  • The group with the most points will win.
  • Terrific support available to help you be successful with recipes, resources, online communication, shopping lists and ideas.

Nutrition Guidelines:

  • No dairy.  The means no cheese, no milk, no creamer… no dairy!
  • No legumes.  This means peanuts, snap peas and green beans are unacceptable during our challenge.
  • No Alcohol.  This one is easy.  No alcohol.
  • No grains.  No pasta, rice, quinoa, wheat, oatmeal, bread etc..
  • No processed foods, no crap in a box.  No cheese-its, no Doritos, no slim jims etc… If it will last in your cupboard for more than a week it’s probably processed.
  • No sugar.  This one is simple.  No sugar.
  • No starchy carbohydrates.  No white potatoes!
  • Sweet potatoes are acceptable.
  • Caffeine is acceptable in moderation.
  • Raw honey and raw agave is acceptable in moderation.
  • The only supplements allowed in this challenge are Omega3/fish oil, 100% egg white protein, and Stronger Faster Healthier whey recovery protein.
  • Sleep 7+ hours each night during the challenge.
  • Drink minimum 64oz water each day.
  • Minimum of 3 WODS per week.

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