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It seems like there is a huge focus right now on paleo challenges in the CrossFit and paleo communities. While many of us claim to be paleo, we are usually paleo plus something. I, personally, am paleo plus wine…and maybe a spoonful of ice cream here and there. Then there are the cheats–or treats. Whether its baked goods with a touch of honey or a little maple syrup on your almond flour pancakes, the treats tend to sneak in here and there until, before you know it, you are not eating so clean after all.
A 30-day paleo challenge (according to me!) is 30 days of no baked goods, no foods trying to mimic their non-paleo counterparts–yes, that means the almond flour pancakes will have to wait. It’s 30 days of whole foods, real foods, delicious foods! My definition of a paleo challenge is 30 days with NO cheats, NO treats, NO baked goods, NO plusses, and NO excuses. It’s only 30 days, and each of us is in control of what we put in our mouths. The point of a paleo challenge is to reset your body, clean it out, curb your cravings…change your life. If you feel like you want a change, there’s no time like now!


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