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September 19th- Road Trip (bring a friend)

Skill Handstand Push up work/Handstand walk practice: Progressions for HSPU and for increasing shoulder girdle strength and stability.


WOD – For Time

400m KB partner farmers walk with Swings and goblet squats (24/16)


200m KB solo farmers walk with swings and goblet squats (32/24)

***Partner #1 carries KB 10 steps (L+R=2), stops and performs 10 KB swings, goes 10 more steps and stops and performs 10 Goblet squats then hands KB off to partner who repeats routine. KB can never touch the ground or partners must each perform 10 burpee penalty. This goes on for 400 meters. Time is how long the entire thing takes. KB is carried in one or two hands with arms extended downward, farmers walk style. Start at normal run spot, finish in the gym.

*** Going solo? KB weight has changed (Rx=32/24), distance has changed to 200 meters. The method is the same, 10 steps/10 KB swings, 10 steps/10 Goblet squats. The difference is now you may set KB down and rest until able to go again. If KB touches the ground at any point during a round, however, there is a 10 burpee penalty.

(20 Min Time Cap)


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