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WOD…April 15th…Hops!

CrossFit Juniors

Skill/WU – 10 – 12 minutes working on our “hops”.  Start with a small box and a slightly larger box.  Put the boxes close enough together that you can jump off one and immediately rebound onto the larger box.  Keep the first box at the same height throughout (8/12”), but continue to increase the height of the second box by adding either boxes or plate.  Looking to get to a max height on the second jump.




4 Rounds

Run 400m

5 – Burpee Muscle Ups

Muscle up can be ring or bar…If you struggle with ring than mix them up and do both.  Scales to the muscle up movement in order of difficulty from hardest to easiest are C2B PU/PU/banded PU (any due to low volume)/ring row and Ring Dip/banded Ring Dip (any band due to low volume)***each MU sub will be as follows: Burpee, 1 C2B PU, and 1 Ring Dip = 1 Burpee MU***

*Bonus* 6 Burpee MU

22 min Time Cap


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