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WOD…April 18th…DL!

CrossFit Juniors will work with the adult class on skills and WOD

Skill Work

Group 1 – Hand Stand Walk – 10 minutes with a partner- Freestanding with a partner, on the wall lifting 1 arm off the ground at a time, or for distance with or without a spotter.

Group 2 – C2B pull-up or standard pull-up – 10 minutes (30/45 seconds between unbroken attempts)


10 Rounds for time and reps

Partner DL and Shuttle Run

225/155/75# – 2 x shuttle run

1 person will DL while the other does two shuttle runs (4 position down and back).  After the shuttle run you will switch, keeping a continuous count on the DL.  Once 10 (2 per) total shuttle runs have been completed you are finished.  Note time and total reps. 


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