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WOD August 29th- A Minute at a Time

Strength Snatch Balance 6 x 3: On last 3 sets hold receiving position for 2 seconds before ascent, gradually increase weight if able with good form.


Every  60 seconds for 10 rounds complete

5 squat cleans @ 155/105 + 8 lateral burpees over bar (mod 4 lateral burpees over bar)

with remainder of minute AMRAP

1) C2B pullups -odd rounds (mod- banded C2B, any type of pull ups or ring rows)

2) HRPU -even rounds

One minute rest between rounds – Total WOD time= 19 minutes

*** 2 scores- Total C2B and total HRPU

*** If class is too big, half do C2B while other half does HRPU


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