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WOD August 8th- Go Until Failure

Skill/wu 8 minute cycle: Turkish get ups 5 per side, 15 abmat sit-ups, 2/1 rope climbs or 3-4 hand over hand

Strength Push Jerk 3 x 5 reps, 2 x 3 reps: Ascending weight if form allows, utilize weights that allow smooth bar cycling during sets of 5.


WOD EMOM until failure

Minute one- 1 c+J (135/95) + 5 burpees

Minute two- 2 c+J’s + 5 burpees

**If done before 10 minutes, continue to do 30 seconds of burpees per min. until minute 10.

Every minute add another clean and jerk, burpees remain at 5. Continue until you cannot complete the minute.

***Score = minutes completed + reps done during incomplete minute


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