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WOD…Feb 2nd…Teamwork!

Warm Up- Relay Races!

Team WOD: Teams of 3 or 4

18 min AMRAP of:

Ab Mat Sit-ups

Calorie Row

Team member 1 will be completing ab mat sit-ups on one end of the gym while team member 2 will be rowing for calories on the far opposite end of the gym.  Team member 3 will burpee broad jump from where team member 1 is doing sit-ups over to where team member 2 is rowing, then switch with team member 2 and begin rowing.  Team member 2 will then burpee broad jump over to team member 1 doing sit-ups and switch with them.

This sequence will continue for 18 minutes with total score being total calories rowed plus total sit-ups completed as a team.

If there are 4 people on a team the fourth team member will start with team member 3 and bupree broad jump to the rowers.  One team member will then row while the other team member holds a 45/25# plate overhead (team members will rotate the next time they are back at the rower). When 2 team members are doing sit-ups at the same time, the lower of the 2 scores will be used.



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