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WOD…Jan 11th…Partner AMRAP

25 Minute AMRAP w/Partner

400M Row/Sit-ups

400M Row/Lunges

400M Row/KB Swings- 24/16k

400M Row/Double-Unders

Partner 1 rows 400M while partner 2 performs situps. When partner 1 completes the 400m row, partner 2 rows 400m while partner 1 does situps. Once both partners have completed situps, move on to lunges (partner 1 rows, partner 2 lunges, then swap).  Complete all movements keeping a continuous count of reps.  If team gets through all 4 movements within 25 minutes, start again at situps.

Teams of 3- one person will run 400m while the other person is rowing, and both people will perform reps when it is their turn to do movements.



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