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WOD…Jan 29th…Partner Century!

CrossFit Kids

Strength – 10 min ping pong – Odd minute 4 x clean and Jerk and Even minute Max Power Clean.  Select a weight that allows you to complete both with one bar. ~50-60% of 1 rep max – Focus is speed and explosiveness


Partner Century

100 – Ball Slams – HAP – (Alternate)

100 – Air Squat (total together)

100 – Killer Rope (Alternate)

100 – Air Squats (total together)

100 – Ab mat Sit-up (total together)

100 – Box Jumps – 24/20” (alternate)

100 – Air Squats

Team of 3 will do 150 reps and can have two boxes, ropes, and slam balls.  If you arrive at killer ropes and they are being used move on to the next exercise that is in front of air squats (don’t do back 2 back squats).


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