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WOD…June 9th…OLY!

CrossFIt Kids

Now that our standard strength cycle has come to a close, we will begin an Olympic lifting cycle. This weeks focus will be knocking off the rust on the lifts by going through several sequences that focus on mechanics. We will not max out this week.  Next week we will find our 1 rep maxes and then the following week begin working on those lifts using percentages of our 1 rep max.

Strength – Full Snatch – 3x3x5 – 3 positions for 3 reps and 5 sets; with and incremental increase in weight each set.  Positions are from the ground, just below the knee, and above the knee.  All are to a full squat.  So, one rep consists of a pull from the floor, from below the knee, and from above the knee.  Complete 3 reps to equal 1 set.


5 Rounds for reps of:

1 minute of Push-ups

1 minute of Double Unders

1 minute of Abmat sit-up

1 minute of rest

Score = total reps


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