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WOD…Nov 19th…Prison Rule!

Skill/WU – Squat Clean – 5-5-5-5-5 – Burgner warm-up and then choose light weight for all 5 rounds – working on speed under the bar – Do this together with segments of the class completing at the same time in order for the coach to give constructive critique to each group of athletes. For example: 15 athletes – 5 at a time one group right after the other – this will allow for additional individual critique
Prison Rule
With a running clock:
14 unbroken Power Snatch – EMOM for 4 minutes (56 reps)
1 min rest
14 – Unbroken Power Clean and Jerk – EMOM for 4 min (56 reps)
1 min rest
14 – Unbroken Thrusters – EMOM for 4 minutes (56 reps)
Total reps completed (each break/time the bar drops on the thruster is also considered a lost rep)


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