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WOD…NOV 2nd…Hero!

Hero WOD
From Coach Donald Butcher:
“Anniversary date: 1 Nov 2007 (Sunday this year)

3 different WODs for 3 men

I was in Baghdad when they were killed in Ballad Iraq. I flew in the night of the incident and helped stabilize the situation while also helping to determine what happened.

The team was setup by an informant who was bribed by local nationals to lure the agents into a meeting. Once the route was planned, the informant helped place a bomb in the road. All 3 of the individuals riding in the lead truck were killed when they struck a pressure-activated bomb.”
7 Rounds for Time
11 – Body weight Back Squats
1,000 meter Row
7 Rounds for Time
11 – Body weight Deadlift
100 – Meter Sprint
7 Rounds for Time
11 – Deficit HSPU
1,000 meter run (to the old 800 and back)
The approach to these workouts will be to do one individually, one as a team or 2 as a team. If you perform as an individual you will need to pick 1. If you perform as a team you can choose up to 2, but 1 of them has to be Sham. So, you and your partner would, for example, complete Sham and Ozzy, Splitting the work up in whatever way works best (both can be working at the same time). On the long row (Ned) or run (Ozzy) both people would complete 500m each.
Time cap 50 minutes


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