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WOD…Sept 7th…Partner!

Partner WOD – EMOM

Alternate partner on the minute

P1 – wall balls (20/16 – 10/9′)

P2 – wall balls

P1 – situps

P2 – situps

P1 – Push Press (75/55)

P2 – Push Press

P1 – Star Jumps

P2 – Star Jumps

P1- Slam Ball

P2 – Slam Ball

Rest 2 min and repeat

One person works during the minute before switching to person 2.  At the end of the second round, 2 minutes of partner med ball sit-up’s.  Your score is the total number of reps including the 2 minutes of sit-up’s.  Keep a continuous count throughout.  You can report round 1 reps during the 2 minute break.  Start a new count in round 2; including your final 2 minutes of partner sit-up’s.


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