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WOD September 8th- Benchmark #2- Karen + 13.3 (optional)

Skill w/u 12 min cycle of following exercises:  Rope climbs (2/1) or hand over hand x 4, 20 DU’s or 30 singles, 5-10 light wall balls, 20 abmat sit ups or 10 GHD, 250 row

WOD- For time

150 Wall balls (20/14)

***The wall balls end “Karen” so if you wish, finish here. If you wish to continue and finish Open workout 13.3 note finishing time for “Karen” and then complete AMRAP for 12 minutes***

90 DU’s- (These are immediately following wall balls)

20 Muscle ups- (If you finish these go back to wall balls)

***2 scores if you did both workouts***

(Time Cap 12 Min.)


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