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You say potato… I say Frittata!

Another yummy breakfast item!


3 asperagus spears, chopped

3/4 cup onion, chopped

1 cup mushrooms, chopped

1 large cup spinach (can never have too much spinach!)

2 tbs coconut oil

8 eggs

2 strips of bacon (or 4 or 6… bacon is yummy), cooked, chopped and crumbled


1.  Oven to 350

2. In cast iron/oven safe skillet heat 1tbs coconut oil medium heat

3.  Saute all veggies for 3-4 mins until oinio is translucent and mushrooms are soft

4.  Remove veggies from heat and set aside (sample the asperagus to make sure it’s yummy!)

5.  Wisk eggs in separate bowl

6. Stir veggies into the eggs

7. Heat another 1ts coconut oil in the skillet, medium heat again

8.  pour egg and veggie mixture into the skillet and slowly cook for 4-5 mins

9.  Transfer entire skillet and its contents to the oven (remember earlier the part about “oven safe skillet”?) for 12-15 mins, VIOLA you now have a frittata!  The frittata should be spongy/firm to the touch

10.  Slice and serve with the crumbled bacon on top.  You can also cook the bacon into the frittata… you choose!.  Season with cracked pepper.

11.  Eat


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