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WOD…April 7th…Bear!

CrossFit Kids

Strength – Back Squat – EMOTM for 16 min.  Partner with someone whose 1 rep max is close to yours.  Warm-up to 60% of your 1 rep max.  Person 1 will do 6 reps on minute 1, Person 2 will do 6 reps on minute 2.  Continue for 16 min; each person will complete 8 rounds. **if there is a large disparity between partners you can have weights ready to add/remove during the rest period.


12 min AMRAP

3 – Bear Complex – 135/95# – Clean/FS/PP(J)/BS/PP(J)

6 – Dead lift – same weight

9 – Box Jumps – 20/24”

***bonus*** 165/115  – We will be adding bonus work to WOD’s for those that want a little extra.  The prerequisite for doing the bonus work is that you can perscribe the WOD as it is, maintain  good form, and work at a high level of intensity.  There will be time caps as well to help individuals decide if the bonus work will prevent them from getting the required work done in a timely fashion.  The WOD as written is prescribed, the bonus work is just extra for those that need/want it.


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