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Fitness in Commerce City

Whether you are a fitness novice who is out of shape or an athlete who is familiar with the gym, you might be looking for something a little bit different. Maybe your current workout isn’t challenging enough. Maybe your workouts have consisted of little more than reaching for the remote. Or maybe you need help with motivation in getting you to the gym on a consistent basis.

Whatever your reason—and regardless of your current fitness level—you need look no further than FIT Commerce City. At FIT Commerce City, you’ll find unique fitness classes that our one-of-a-kind. And there is nothing like our FIT workouts to ensure your fitness level is right where you want it.


The Workouts

Our workouts aren’t easy—nor is it easy to describe them. One way to consider them is to look at a CrossFit workout, then add in a bit more cardio and take away the super heavy weights. We run the FIT workout in a boot camp style. Because the other half of our gym specializes in CrossFit, we have compete access to some of the fun toys used for those workouts. Not only does this add in some fit fun, but it ensures our workouts are different—nothing like your average 24-hour fitness facility group classes. The FIT workout truly is a workout like you’ve never experienced; just ask our welcoming members.

The workouts, which last for about 60 minutes, go by quickly. You will work every muscle and every workout is unique. You will not only have the fitness level you’ve always wanted, but you will burn a whole lot of calories in those 60 minutes. Some of our members will burn an average of 900 calories, so if you are looking to lose weight, look no further than a FIT Commerce City workout. Don’t waste another second looking for a challenging workout. Now you can find one right here in Commerce City!


F.I.T. Workout

Every day, our experienced coaches will post a different workout. The format is generally the same, but the workouts will vary every single day. The FIT Commerce City workout starts with a warmup to get your muscles ready to work. The warmup is either followed by a FIT challenge (Ever wonder how many pushups you can crank out in two minutes? That is an actual FIT challenge you might experience—and it’s a great way to track your progress!). Circuits generally follow a short ab workout, and you might see any of the following:

Cardio conditioning
Battle rope
Jump rope

Weight lifting

Abdominal exercises

Box jumps
Pullups and chinups
Tire flips

We never skip the chance to mix it up, so you will see things the average 24-hour fitness place doesn’t usually include in its classes: Tabatas and partner workouts, bear crawls and crab crawls, the occasional obstacle course, with some surprises thrown in by way of athlete or coach’s choice. You will never do the same workout two days in a row. It makes fitness in the Commerce City area a whole lot of fun!


The Coaches

Our coaches are well qualified, so you can feel confident that your workout is not only effective but safe as well. Because of the sheer number of fitness classes we offer throughout the day, class sizes are small and you get the benefit of individualized attention. Regardless of your personal goals, our coaches will work with you to ensure you obtain them.


The Camaraderie

When it comes to working out, staying motivated and getting yourself to the gym on a regular basis can be tougher than the workouts themselves. The group workout atmosphere gives you support along with accountability.

The classes provide structure in helping you meet your goal. You are also much more inclined to push yourself harder when you are with a group of like-minded athletes. Peer pressure—along with “gentle” encouragement from the coaches—will keep you on task, pushing yourself to the max. Don’t spend one more minute by yourself on the local gym elliptical machine!


The Convenience

Our schedule offers classes that start early in the morning and run throughout the day, into the evening hours, and we offer classes seven days a week! Between our FIT boot camps and CrossFit, there are plenty of opportunities for you to work out several times a week. Open gym times are also available for those times your schedule simply won’t allow you to show up for a group fitness class.

We provide our members with a convenient online system to reserve a spot in class and to check in when you get there. This means you can keep track of your progress. You can keep track of benchmark workouts and “fit tests,” so you can see true, quantifiable results. Yes, you’re going to feel better and look better—perhaps better than you have in your whole lifetime—and it’s also satisfying to see improvements in your fitness with specific benchmarks.

Why not take the fitness challenge of a lifetime? Try FIT Commerce City for and see why, yeah, it’s that tough!






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