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Success Stories

Member of the Month – Rachel E

Two years ago I had never heard of Crossfit. Ever. I was looking for a personal trainer or gym nearby that could help me get back into shape after having three kids. Albert suggested checking out “the little gym place down the street.” So I did.

As I walked into Anchor Crossfit that first day I found Tony Scott and Jesse Marquez – the co-owners of the gym – getting ready for the next class to start. After talking with Tony for a while and looking around I decided that if anyone in the Reunion area could get me back into fantastic shape it would be him. I signed up on a whim and headed home.

Once at home I googled “what is crossfit?” I panicked. What did I just sign up for???

My first WOD……I’ll never forget it. Sit ups, shuttle runs and kettle bell swings. As I started my 2nd round out of 5 others started calling “time.” By the time I started my third round I was the only one still trudging along. For a minute I was frustrated and felt embarrassed. I felt like I was going to puke and cry at the same time. And then Daniel Cordova, an amazingly fit guy I had never met, squatted down next to me and encouraged me to continue. He then did the last two rounds with me, every single rep.

In that moment I realized that this was exactly where I needed to be. I knew I would be pushed further than I thought possible. Since that day I have shown up every single day. I have learned to do pull ups, hand stand push ups, a variety of olympic weight lifting lifts and dozens of other movements that I thought were simply not possible for me. With the help of amazing trainers and fantastic peers I have come to love this crazy fun sport called Crossfit.



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