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5 Things Successful Athletes Do

I recently read an article written by a professional Supercross/Motocross racer on his web page.  Although, not CrossFit specific, I thought I would summarize his writing as it’s fitting for our sport. 

5 Things Successful Athletes Do

  •  They get real:  Don’t let the pros fool you.  They do this full time, 100% of the time and train at a different pace than us.  You are not Rich Froning or Annie Thorisdottir.  Set realistic goals and invest both mental and physical energy towards achieving those goals.
  • Believe in being YOUR best and not being THE best:  No matter what there is always room for improvement.  Know your weaknesses and work hard at them.  You must believe in your innate ability to achieve the next level.  Practice technique and skills all the time.  Most important… you must believe in yourself!
  • Build consistency with small changes:  The biggest way to create success is to create consistency by making commitment and small changes.  Consistency and will power may as well be a muscle group and the more you use them the stronger they become.  Get to the gym and follow a solid nutrition program!  Goals like, “I’m never going to eat X again,” or “I will run 1 mile per day for ever,”  are unrealistic goals and not ones that can be sustained for long derations of time.  Small changes make big improvements!
  • Surround yourself with good people:  Surround yourself with positive energy and other successful people.  “Surround yourself with people who support your dreams.”  In order to create success you must feel it.  Eliminate as much negativity as possible!  The five closest people to you have the biggest impact on your success so it’s recommended to choose those five people wisely.
  • Have grit:  “Anyone who wants to take charge of their own future must have grit and stamina.”  You cannot have fear of failure.  You will fail and you must build from that failure.  Hold your goals in the face of challenges, obstacles and naysayers.  “Success is built upon the fortitude to see it through and stick it out!” 

“Successful athletes aren’t superhuman.  They simply possess and utilize consistent skills sets that elicit positive results.  They believe in themselves and their ability to consistently improve.  They set realistic goals, they surround themselves with the right people, and they stay the course through tough times.”


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