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CrossFit – what lies beneath?

By on December 14, 2012 Wod Talk Online:

The growth of CrossFit is undeniable. With 2500 boxes in 2011 and 4000 now in 2012, it is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. An estimated 8000 boxes will litter the streets by 2014.

CrossFit is forever changing, forever dynamic and adaptable, a world where individuals young and old can partake, learn, progress, monitor and change their lives.

Within the CrossFit community individuals are given guidance, encouragement, a sense of belonging, and they achieve what they once thought impossible. In a world where our lives are built on output and production many of us lose the ability to self improve and develop our skills and knowledge along the way as it is swallowed behind the demand of money and expectations. We suddenly put ourselves second, third and fourth behind work, family and our loved ones without forethought.

CrossFit offers that guidance, it shoots our health into our top priority without us even knowing. It offers that measurability and quantifiable improvement that we so dearly crave. It shows, that in our lives we need to strive to improve ourselves in all areas. It identifies weaknesses and forces us to work and improve these in order to gain overall competency and self satisfaction. That’s why we love it. What do double-unders and public speaking have in common? We stay away from both of them like the plague until we can do them comfortably, but isn’t that ironic if we need to practice to become better?

What is of the upmost importance with CrossFit is to identify how it aids us in improving our weaknesses and let it seep through the rest of our life pie. CrossFit provides the instruction, the encouragement, the knowledge and constructive criticism in an open environment that lets us accept feedback and make the change.

Our life quadrants for work, family, relationships and health need to be even, they need improvement, they also need progression. Don’t allow CrossFit to fill the void left by unsatisfying work, poor relationships and the lack of progression in these areas. Instead utilise CrossFit and leverage off it to make yourself a better you in all facets of your life. After all isn’t that what CrossFit is about? Becoming a well rounded athlete in all areas?


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