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January 21st – 2 v 2

20 Minutes for Max Reps- 2 teams of 2

Team 1- 20 Med ball sit-up passes (10 each)

Team 2- KB Swings/Burpees for max reps

Score = total KB Swings and Burpees

While team 1 is completing the sit-ups, 1 person from team 2 is completing burpees, and p2 is completing KB swings. Once team 1 is done, switch (now team 2 is doing sit-ups and team 1 is doing KB swings/burpees). The point is to move fast on the situps to not allow the other team to accumulate a lot of reps, while on the other hand when completing the KB swings and burpees, moving as fast as you can to increase your score.


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