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March 20th – Less is More

Skill wu/Partner up-3 rounds each of 250 row w/10 DB thrusters: Partner #1 rows and once he/she begins thrusters, partner #2 begins row. Partner #1 finishes thrusters and waits for partner #2 to finish round before beginning next round. This is a warmup, not a race. Start w/light dB’s and increase in weight according to feel. I have a feeling these thrusters might show up on Friday, good to get a feel for them.


Rd 1- 15 x (135/95) Rd 2- 10 x (165/115) Rd 3- 5 x (195/135
S2OH (ascending. Men- 135-165-195/Women-95-115-135)
Box jump overs (24/14) Rx = 2 ft. takeoff
(Time Cap 14 minutes)
*Round One = 15 reps of each exercise, round Two = 10 and round Three = 5, use one bar adding weight as you go
**Remember, not finishing within designated time cap = mod even at Rx weight



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