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Power Clean

It is extremely important that athletes perform the Olympic lifts correctly. This means teaching lifts through a progression designed to implement proper form. Doing the lifts incorrectly, which is the case with the vast majority of athletes, reduces the effect of the lift and creates a much higher likelihood of injury.

Today we will go over the Power Clean. This exercise is fundamental for creating explosive power. It is also an exercise that many athletes do incorrectly so follow the progression below:

  • Deadlift bar to full hip extension
  • Shoulders back and chest up
  • Keeping arms straight and eyes fixed straight ahead
  • Lower bar by moving the hips backwards while maintaining a slight but fixed bend in the knees
  • Stop once the bar reaches the top of the knees or when the flexibility in the hams runs out 
  • Quickly move the hips forward to the open position/triple extension 
  • As the hips extend explosively shrug shoulders and rise on toes 
  • Continue to elevate the bar to mid-chest height by bending elbows and continuing the upward movement of the bar. Be sure to lift elbows up and keep the bar close to the body 
  • Once at shoulder height simultaneously rotate elbows underneath the bar, FAST elbows to the front rack position while falling into a quarter squat 
  • The quarter squat should be reached at the same time the barbell is received on the shoulders 
  • Stand up straight and tall 

The Power Clean is complete!

Video courtesy of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman:

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