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September 12th- Drop til’ you stop

Strength Back squat w/pause 4-5 x 3 reps 40%-60%: Start at approximately 40% of 1RM and perform 3 squats with a 2-3 second pause in the bucket. Increase weight slowly each set, ending at approximately 60% 1RM. This is not intended to be super-heavy.  Work on remaining vertical and tracking knees over toes.


WOD For Time- Back squat from rack

Team up in 2’s (3’s only if necessary) as time may be tight with 3 per group. Partner helps drop weight between sets of 10. Perform 1 set of 10 at highest weight, 2 sets at next weight and 3 sets at lowest weight, scale as needed!!! Running clock, so partner #2 begins as soon as ready after partner #1 finishes.

1 x 10 @245/165

2 x 10 @ 215/145

3 x 10 @ 185/125)

***Each set of 10 must be unbroken, but rest at top of movement and between sets as needed***

***Score is total time it takes to complete all 6 sets***

(Time Cap 10 Minutes per person)



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