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WOD…July 6th…Team!

Team WOD – Teams of 3 or 4 (rep count will be adjusted accordingly)

Complete the following in any order for time:

20 – Banger Block pulls – down and back is 2

60 – Pull ups

80 – Push ups

80 – 200m slam ball – run 200m with a slam ball (heaviest possible) at the half way point do 10 slams and run back – 8 trips total

100 – Weighted KB lunge – 24/16k

120 – Jump rope singles – all team members must complete

For this WOD you will divide and conquer, switching off when required.  All team members must complete a portion of all movements

(with the exception of the jump rope) but you can divide it up however you like.

Score is total time to complete all work.



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