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WOD…May 17th…Ladder!

Skill/WU – Speed work – 5 x 100m with 30 seconds rest between efforts – 2 min rest after 6th run and then 2 x 200 with 1 min rest between efforts
12 min AMRAP
3 – KB Swings – 24/16K
3 – HRPU
3 – Box Jump
And then 6…9…12…etc
If you are doing the Lurong Challenge you may also substitute today’s workout for the week 1 bench mark workout…Please go to to determine what level to complete the workout and verify standards. Basic Workout details: 20 Box Jump Overs | Step Overs
15 Toes to Bar | Anchored Toes to Bar | Sit Ups
10 Clean & Jerks (weight increases each round) 4 min to complete a round – adding 4 minutes and increasing the weight if completed successfully – if you make it to the final time extension you will complete max Clean and Jerk until time expires at 16 min


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