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Your Fish Oil/Omega 3 Label

According to reasearch we need to take approximately 3500mg of EPA/DHA daily for optimal benefit.  You may take more if you choose.

How to find the correct dosage:

Typical/Average capsule 180mg EPA + 120mg DHA for total of 300mg

Minimum dosage 3500mg divided by / total EPA/DHA:  3500/300= 11.6.  What this is saying is with the average fish oil you will need to take 12 capsules a day for the minimum benefit!  Some brands you find at Sams Club and Walmart can take up to 34 capsules per day to reach the recommended amount of EPA/DHA.

Like anything we eat or drink, it’s important to understand how to read and understand the label on fish oil.  This way you know what you are getting and you can then compare the cost of one brand versus another.

An example of one of the most potent and most consentrated Omega-3 supplements is from Stronger Faster Healthier (

Reading the SFH label: 

EPA- 1500 – 1630mg

DHA- 1025 – 1075  Combined that’s 2705mg EPA/DHA.  SFH fish oil is liquid (not capsules) the dosage is by teaspoon.  That’s 1 tsp to get the 2705mg!


Another popular brand of capulated fish oil is Pure Pharma.

Reading the Pure Pharma label:

EPA- 1300mg

DHA – 520mg

Total- 1820mg.  This requires 6 capsules per day!

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